2017-18 BTS Survey


27-Mar-18 Please find attached summary of the results of the recent BTS 2018 Survey. A detailed summary club-by-club has been sent to clubs and is available on the BTS Facebook page.

It is interesting to note that 649 or almost 35% of registered members answered the survey. In short that tells us that BTS can be 95% certain within a margin of error of plus or minus approximately 4.7 % that if all 1,880 members had filled in the survey the same answers within a range of plus or minus 4.7 % would have been given.

The “Not Stated” category is for responses received that did not identify whether or not the respondent was Male or Female. If you see the number of responses received by a Club and then check each question you will see that not everyone provided an answer to every question.

Generally speaking it would appear that the majority of members happy with status quo. The notable exception to this is an overwhelming desire to have a consistent state-wide Conditions of Play.

The BTS Board will now determine its position on matters raised in the survey and how and when they will be implemented. Clubs will be advised of the BTS Board’s decision by 30 April 2018.

Attachment:  FE068A5E-D601-9875-BAAB2BAABC11770F.pdf