2017-18 BTS Midweek Pennant Grand Final Venues


21-Mar-18 Venues for BTS Wednesday Midweek Pennant Grand Finals which will be played on Wednesday 28 March 2018 are as follows:

Division 1 - New Norfolk versus Howrah at Buckingham.

Division 2 - Cremorne versus Royal Hobart at Buckingham (on the synthetic green).

Division 3 - Orford versus New Norfolk at Buckingham.

Division 4 - Taroona versus Beltana at Buckingham.

Buckingham will provide a Match Manager and Aggregate Score Boards (and someone to regularly update them) for the Grand Finals. Umpires will be provided by BTS.

Buckingham is not required to provide afternoon tea but may do so if it wishes to.

Participating Clubs can play right through without a break unless a 20 minute break is requested be either Side Captain.