2017-18 BTS Survey


6-Feb-18   The Bowls Tasmania South Board is seeking the views of as many clubs and members as possible on a number of issues currently facing on the future of pennant – including calls for a state-wide Conditions of Play, the current length of pennant, increasing numbers of requests for dispensation from Conditions of Play, requests for all pennant competition to become open gender and a range of other issues.

 The attached survey questionnaire seeks your input on a range of innovative measures aimed at reducing the length of the pennant season which, hopefully, will enable pennant matches to be played during the “better” part of the spring/summer/autumn period each year.   Reducing all pennant divisions to a maximum of eight teams is one way of achieving this goal.   Another idea being canvassed is that of splitting the season into two separate pennant competitions, one conducted before Christmas and the other commencing in the new year (the latter being the “major” pennant leading to promotion/relegation).   This may enable the organisation of competitions in regional areas, thus reducing travel times for clubs in rural areas.

  In addition, some of the questions in the survey have been put in recognition of changing demographics, especially in regard to Thursday pennant.   Increasingly, the BTS Board is being requested to grant dispensation to play opposite gender players in Thursday pennant divisions who are otherwise ineligible for selection which requires strong consideration to extending open gender to BTS Thursday pennant.   Bowls North has been conducting its Thursday pennant as an open gender competition for several seasons, and Bowls North West has put the same question to its affiliated clubs in its survey.   The same question has been put in regard to Midweek Wednesday Pennant.

 Conditions of Play which place restrictions on where players may be selected cause the greatest angst for club selectors, as well as for individual playing members who are disadvantaged by such limitations on where they can play.   Specific questions in the survey require you to give strong consideration to the removal of all restrictions so that club selectors have greater flexibility when selecting their sides for each of the BTS pennant competitions.

 The matter of greater consistency across regions has been a consistent theme raised at Delegates’ meetings and subject to agreement from members the data collected from the accompanying survey will make a significant contribution to discussions with Bowls North and Bowls North West to achieve this outcome.   Please give each of the questions in the survey your close attention in determining your position on each of the issues raised.   Your responses are important in assisting the BTS Board in implementing future appropriate and supported changes to ensure the sustainability of BTS pennant competitions.

 Please return your competed survey form to BTS by close of business on Wednesday 28 February 2018.   Please feel free to add any comments you may have to any of your answers on the survey on a separate page.

 In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Rob McGuire on 0409 703 073 or email bowls.south@bigpond.com should you have any queries in regard to the survey.

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