BTS 2016-17 Midweek Pennant Semi-Final Venues


2-Mar-17 Venues for Men’s Midweek Semi-Finals which will be played on Wednesday 8 March 2017 are as follows (subject to confirmation from host clubs).

Division 1

Second Semi-Final Rosny Park v New Norfolk at Rosny Park
First Semi-Final Buckingham v Sandy Bay at Rosny Park

Please note: BTS has received verbal advice of an appeal against the eligibility of a Rosny Park player. If the appeal is upheld the semi-finals will move from Rosny park to New Norfolk and team positions will change.

Division 2

Second Semi-Final Glenorchy City v Orford at Glenorchy City (Synthetic Green)
First Semi-Final Royal Hobart v Cremorne at Glenorchy City (Synthetic Green)

Division 3

Second Semi-Final Brighton v Derwent City at Brighton (Synthetic Green)
First Semi-Final Glenorchy Rodman v New Norfolk at Brighton (Synthetic Green)

Division 4

Second Semi-Final Royal Hobart v Buckingham at Royal Hobart (Synthetic Green)
First Semi-Final Taroona v Brighton at Royal Hobart (Synthetic Green)

Host Clubs will provide a Match Manager, Umpire and Aggregate Score Boards (and someone to regularly update them) for the Semi-Finals.

Host Clubs are not required to provide afternoon tea but may do so if they wish to. Participating Clubs can play right through without a break unless a 20 minute break is requested be either Side Captain.